Susan Atkins Plea For Mercy: 30 Years Later

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Manson Music

-Look At Your Game Girl -Ego -Mechanical Man -People Say I’m No Good -Home Is Where You’re Happy -Arkansas -I’ll Never Say Never To Always (feat. Family Women) -Garbage Dump -Don’t Do Anything Illegal -Sick City -Cease to Exist -Big Iron Door -I Once New a Man -Eyes of a Dreamer

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Helter Skelter: Facts About The Famous Charles Manson

Manson was born in Cincinnati to an un-married 16 year old named Kathleen Maddox.  She didn’t identify the father, or named her child so the infant was registered as “no name Maddox.” A few weeks later the child was named “Charles Milles Maddox” and was eventually given the last name “Manson” during his mothers short […]

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Helter Skelter Part 2: Quotes From the Story

“You couldn’t meet a nicer group of people.” –Leslie Van Houten describing the Manson Family to Sergeant Michael McGann “You have to have a real love in your heart to do this for people.” Susan Atkins  telling Virginia Graham why she stabbed Sharon Tate. “No sense makes sense.” – Charles Manson  “Snitches, and other enemies, will be taken […]

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Helter Skelter

Currently reading, Helter Skelter: The True Story of The Manson Murders by Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry. I have loved reading about the Manson Family since around grade 8, and have finally been able to get the book. I am learning more than I ever thought I would about the details of the murders and I’m super […]

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