Helter Skelter Part 2: Quotes From the Story

“You couldn’t meet a nicer group of people.” –Leslie Van Houten describing the Manson Family to Sergeant Michael McGann

“You have to have a real love in your heart to do this for people.” Susan Atkins  telling Virginia Graham why she stabbed Sharon Tate.

“No sense makes sense.” – Charles Manson 

“Snitches, and other enemies, will be taken care of.” – family member Sandra Good

“Mr. and Mrs. America– you are wrong. I am not the King of the jews nor am I a hippie cult leader.  I am what you have made of me and the mad devil killer fiend leper is a reflection of your society…Whatever the outcome of this madness that you call a fair trial of Christian justice, you can know this: In my mind’s eye my thoughts light fires in your cities.” – satement issued by Charles Manson after his conviction for the Tate-LaBianca murders.


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