Helter Skelter: Facts About The Famous Charles Manson

Manson was born in Cincinnati to an un-married 16 year old named Kathleen Maddox.  She didn’t identify the father, or named her child so the infant was registered as “no name Maddox.” A few weeks later the child was named “Charles Milles Maddox” and was eventually given the last name “Manson” during his mothers short lived marriage to a man named “William Manson.”

Charles Manson was also once happily married (although still going in and out of prison) and has two children with two different woman.  When he was 8 he started to commit petty crimes like stealing and as he grew up he eventually worked up to armed robberies and pimping out women.

At the age of 32 Manson had already been in jail for more than half of his life or institutionalized.  He had an IQ of 121 but remained at a grade seven reading level because he refused to get an education.

He routinely manipulated his psychologists into believing he was able to go on parole, and shortly after every time he was released he would begin committing crimes (like Grand theft auto, and forgery of cheques)


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